This video, of a pretty spectacular bicycle-kick goal by a young Arlington soccer player, is now making its way around the Internet. It was posted by sports blogs the Big Lead and Deadspin on Tuesday, but only mentioned that it happened in Arlington, without any details. Like, who’s the junior Wayne Rooney?

The scorer, trotting nonchalantly up the field after scoring while upside down in mid-air, is 13-year-old Kenner Galeas. Galeas plays for the Civitans Bengals, a U-14 team in the Arlington Soccer Association, according to Chris Bannon, who manages the Civitans soccer club.

The goal was scored Sunday afternoon in a game at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Arlington. “Kenner is a new player for our team, recently arrived from Honduras,” said Bengals coach Luis Alonso. “He is a very solid, quick and aggressive player, but the ironic element to this story is that Kenner is a defenseman and this is the first time he has played forward. To further add to the irony, it is his brother Keysmer who is one of our star forwards and goal scorers. Due to a shortage in forwards for this game on Sunday, I put Kenner in as a forward, and clearly, it paid off big time.”

Team manager Jeanette Ortiz-Osorio shot and edited the video, including the fine use of slow motion, and Alonso said he sent it to the Big Lead and Deadspin. The video has been picked up by numerous soccer and sports blogs and should have Galeas in the soccer hall of fame by dinner tomorrow night.