“You want my WHAT?” (Andrea Sachs/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Other unbelievable facts: 500 people are expected to attend.

People will pay $20 in advance, and $25 at the door, to eat them.

This is the seventh year of the Testicle Festival, or “Testy Fest,” as insiders “quip,” but in Montana, they’ve been celebrating fried bull testicles for 29 years.

This one is “all you can eat.” (And drink.)

In a poll at ArlNow.com, when asked how much money you’d have to be paid to eat fried bull testicles, the top response so far has been ”Nothing, I’d eat it for free.” “No amount of money” was second.

In 2008, DCist.com attended the “fest.” The Legion hall is at 3445 Washington Blvd., near the Virginia Square Metro station.

The local Montana State Society has a Facebook page for this.

Here’s my poll: Are you still reading? Or are you sick to your stomach?