The Southern Regional Pole Dance Fitness Championship says it is "Bringing the World of Pole to the World." Did you even know there was a World of Pole? (Southern Regional Pole Dance Fitness Championship)

No, it’s coming to the well-lit conference rooms of the Hilton Crystal City, complete with pole dancing workshops, amateur and professional competitions, and a lot of really stretched out hamstrings and abdominal muscles.

As you may know, pole dancing has expanded beyond the realm of strip clubs into a world of serious exercise, and more than 20 women from our region are vying for the title of Ms. Virginia (“Ms. Virginia Pole?” “Of Pole?”). You can see their video submissions here. The winners collect $1,000 and move on to a regional competition in New Orleans.

The rules on the Web site prohibit any “display of erotic behavior,”and points will be deducted “If your performance is perceived to be too suggestive.” (Though you may be offered a job at the Crystal City Restaurant.) No nudity, thongs or nipple tassels, the rules say. Also, ”NO SHOES are MADITORY for Compulsory Round.” You figure that one out.

Further details are after the jump, and here’s an example of the difficult gymnastics of pole dancing by one of the entrants, Brynne Levy:

The judges will be exotic dancer Trixie Lovett, who “enjoys her two teenage children and adores her three pot-bellied pigs. Trixie practices yoga when she’s off the pole,” the event’s Web site states; Jane Allen, the owner of the studio “Passion 4 Pole”; and Torwa “Fiya Starta” Jo, who has toured with Lil Wayne and been featured on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Experts yes. But all women judges?

The site of the Ms. Virginia contest in the Southern Regional Pole Dance Fitness Championships. Not clear where exactly the pole will be. Probably in the middle there. (Hilton Crystal City)

Tickets for the April 28 event start at $25 for spectators, though you can buy a VIP table with lunch and beverage for $125 to $500. No mention of a champagne room. Doors open at 10 a.m.

Arlington’s Scott Brodbeck at first broke this story, because no pole gets shined in that town without him knowing about it.