Chris Slavin, owner of the Zapatat tattoo removal parlor in Arlington, now with four-times faster removal of your biggest ink-on-skin regrets. (Tom Jackman/The Washington Post)

Chris Slavin, the entrepreneur who opened the sleek salon, said Zapatat is one of the first places in the country, and the first in this area, to speed up the removal of that ex-girlfriend’s name or that colorful tramp stamp. This happens through the “R20 Protocol,” which was first reported in Europe last year, and has been tested on volunteers at Zapatat. Basically, instead of one laser treatment to zap color ink particles, followed by a waiting period of six to eight weeks, three or four laser treatments can be done in one visit. This can shorten the total removal process down to six months, or less with an amateur, one-color or prison tattoo. (Editors, take note.)

Slavin said Zapatat has already signed up 1,500 clients for its standard tattoo removal process, advertising aggressively through social media. (Slavin removed the hyphens from Zapatat’s name because it was too hard to type in to a mobile device.) But the new, faster method is “a very important development because we do get people looking to get into law enforcement or the military, who have started removal for that purpose, so we can help them go a lot faster.” Many law and military outfits now frown on visible tattoos.

Here is an excellent video The Post’s Alexandra Garcia did on tattoo removal for this article by Emily Wax published a few months back.