Andrew Dziuk, 29, of Centreville, was arrested Thursday when he allegedly drew two guns on a security guard at the Pentagon City Ritz-Carlton Hotel. (Arlington County Police Department)

But this was not the Lice and Things Motor Lodge out on the freeway, where men with guns are perhaps not so rare. Standard room rates at the Pentagon City Ritz start at $599 a night. Taxes not included. The front desk clerk informed the well-armed traveler of the room rate and he became “agitated by the response,” Arlington police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck said. Lacking the 600 bucks, the man inquired if he could maybe get a quick drink, Sternbeck said. Also a no-go.

Now doubly irate, the man left the Ritz but loitered outside the front door, Sternbeck said. He was confronted by a security guard, and proceeded to point his .45s at the security guard, one loaded and cocked with the safety off, Sternbeck said. Police were summoned and the man was arrested without further incident.

Andrew Dziuk, 29, of Centreville, was charged with brandishing a firearm, reckless handling of a firearm and being drunk in public. Sternbeck did not know where Dziuk had been prior to the Ritz. Dziuk did land a free bed at the Arlington County jail, but the costs of defending against the two felonythree misdemeanor charges will likely outweigh the costs of a night at the Ritz.

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This post has been amended to reflect that all three charges are misdemeanors, including the gun charges.