The new Defense Department office building in the Mark Center in Alexandria was slated to bring 6,400 new workers, and feared to bring 6,400 traffic nightmares. Neither has happened. So far. (Tom Jackman/The Washington Post)

And it didn’t happen. Traffic along 395 and Seminary Road is slightly more congested, but not horribly. How was disaster averted?’s Rachel Leonard has published an excellent and detailed look at how Alexandria city officials and the feds worked hard to devise ways to limit the impact of BRAC on Alexandria’s West End, and she spoke with key players such as Alexandria transportation director Rich Baier, Rep. Jim Moran (D) and many others.

Alexandria and Metro both used buses and shuttles to import workers and keep cars out of the area. Moran focused on limiting parking spaces as another way of discouraging cars. VDOT used various traffic calming and control measures and is planning an HOV ramp from 395. Leonard reports that the BRAC building also is not fully staffed. For more details, read her story here.