The roof of the Nguyen family house sits in the front yard of their home on Lee's Corner Road. (Shamus Ian Fatzinger/Fairfax County Times)

It’s because their house exploded while they were out. The force blew the roof off, propelled the front door across the street and melted aluminum siding on two neighbors’ houses.

Gregg MacDonald of our sister paper, The Fairfax County Times, has been following this ever since. And still no one has explained to the Nguyens why their house blew up. The Fairfax County fire department thinks it was probably related to a natural gas leak in front of the Nguyens’ house on Lees Corner Road.

Not so fast, says Washington Gas. They’re still investigating, four months later, and haven’t said a word to the Nguyens.

“Our investigation continues, so we have not yet contacted the Nguyens,” spokesman Ruben Rodriguez told the Times. “We will inform them as soon as any developments occur.” Rodriguez said there was no way of knowing when the gas company’s investigation might conclude.

About four months later, Washington Gas says it’s still investigating the cause of the explosion that leveled the Nguyens’ house. They don’t know when that investigation might be done. Meanwhile, the Nguyens are living in a rented house, haven’t heard from the gas company and their world remains upside down. (Gerald Martineau/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)