To the litany of cautionary tales you tell your kids, don’t forget to add this one: Hey, kid, don’t drink the hand sanitizer. It’s got alcohol in it, and after a second-grader at Neabsco Elementary School in Dale City swilled some on Tuesday, she was hospitalized with alcohol poisoning.

Fox 5’s always excellent Bob Barnard first broke this story, and the girl’s father says there’s another cautionary tale here: Hey, teachers, don’t let the kids drink the hand sanitizer. The father, Glen Grant, is fairly outraged that his daughter wasn’t supervised closely enough to prevent her from taking her standard child’s curiosity too far. “Under supervision, this would have never happened,” Grant said.

There’s also some dispute about how much of the scented gel the girl swallowed. The school told Grant she only drank “one or two pumps.” Doctors reported to the family that her alcohol level indicated much more was ingested. The girl lost consciousness, was rushed from the school in an ambulance and stopped breathing at one point, the family reported.

Prince William County school district officials said they couldn’t comment on any particular student, citing privacy laws. Grant said he was going to transfer his daughter out of Neabsco. Here is Barnard’s full report: