Daniel Giguere, left, defending against McLean’s Thomas Van Wazer, center, in a game for Flint Hill in December. Two months later, he pulled back from the brink of suicide and made a video which has launched a movement. (Tracy A. Woodward/THE WASHINGTON POST)

The boys struggled on, and the oldest, Daniel Giguere, now 18, became captain of the basketball team at Flint Hill School in Oakton. But he was also struggling with depression, and, according to this remarkable story by Nicole Trifone on Oakton Patch.com, was about to overdose on pills in February of this year.

Instead, he made a video and put it on YouTube, expressing his frustrations with life. The video is below. It struck a chord with friends and strangers, and led him to launch a movement: 1VoiceInside, to encourage individuality and strength for youths, rather than conformity with the masses.

“We want to focus on the individual to spark a community movement,” Giguere told Trifone. “If every individual tries to live to their full potential and goes for their dreams, it’ll inspire others.” The rest of Trifone’s story is here, and here’s the group’s Web site. They also have a YouTube channel and a Facebook page.