Dave Grohl performs at the 30th Anniversary concert for the 9:30 Club last year. But only because Treebeard’s was booked solid. (Kyle Gustafson)

Grohl sat down with The Post’s Chris Richards recently to talk about the new Foo Fighters album, due out Tuesday, and also to discuss his NoVa roots. Here are some of the highlights:

At age 13, after growing up listening to the Beatles, he formed his first band. “There was a club called Treebeard’s that was off of Duke Street that had an open mike night,” Grohl said. “I was playing guitar, and we played ‘Suffragette City’ and ‘Start Me Up’ or whatever. It was horrible.”

In the 1980s, Grohl started following the local hardcore punk scene, hanging around the 9:30 Club and d.c. space downtown, and became a fan of Scream. “When I saw the p.o. box [on Scream’s album cover] was in Bailey’s Crossroaads, it was like finding out Little Richard lives down the street,” Grohl said.

Eventually joining and then touring with Scream led to Nirvana, Grohl said. Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic of Nirvana saw Scream in Seattle, and when Scream broke up, invited Grohl to join Nirvana.

The craziness around Nirvana wasn’t always fun, Grohl said, so he would come back home to Springfield. “If I ever felt like I was getting lost in the hurricane that was storming around Nirvana, I’d just go back to Virginia,” Grohl said. “In some ways, nothing had changed. I still mowed my mother’s lawn and raked the leaves and took out the trash. To be honest, it wasn’t much different than being a high school dropout without a job.”

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