Saul Tejada of Sterling turned a $20 lottery ticket into a $1 million winner at an Annandale 7-Eleven. Actual payout closer to $400,000. (Virginia Lottery)

I didn’t even know you could win $1 million on a scratch-off ticket. But Saul Tejada did. So he picked one up at the 7-Eleven on Annandale Road in Annandale one day after work last week. It cost $20. Stuck it in his pocket, got back in the car.

Took it out later while he was riding home to Sterling, and the “$120 Million Cash Blowout” card said he’d won $1 million. Tejada, 44, a carpet installer by trade, told Virginia Lottery officials he couldn’t believe it.

Actually, it wasn’t completely believable, because the $1 million was an annuity, meaning it paid out over 25 years. Instead, Tejada took the one-time payout of $564,000, before taxes (ugh). Which means he takes home about $400,000 after The Man gets his hands on it.

Still, 20,000 to 1 on a scratch-off card is nothing to sniff at. Just not enough to quit installing carpet.