An aerial view of Washington Dulles International Airport shortly before it opened in November 1962. Ample parking in the front. (Douglas Chevalier/The Washington Post)

The gala October 1984 opening of the Dulles Toll Road. (Courtesy of Fairfax County Public Library)

The Post’s John Kelly followed with an interesting look at why it was named after John Foster Dulles, which is here.

The south side of the Dulles terminal building under construction in 1962. ( Federal Aviation Agency)

But also, this is just an excuse to roam through the Post photo archives and find some entertaining shots of the early days of Dulles, before you had to take a bus from the parking lot and then a train to the gate. At this point, the only missing modes of transportation are bikes and boats.

From The Post, March 1966: A $110-million white elephant is what Sen. Daniel Brewster, D-Md., calls 3-year-old Dulles International Airport, 27 miles from Washington in the Virginia countryside. Pictured: The main terminal, typically quiet in mid-afternoon. (Associated Press)