Dumfries Council Lady Kristin W. Forrester says she's tired of having a child-parent relationship with the Prince William County Board of Supervisors. (InsideNova.com)

So Kristin W. Forrester, a Dumfries council lady (her official title, apparently), let loose recently with an entertaining blast at the board and Potomac supervisor Maureen Caddigan in particular at a council meeting, and when InsideNova.com asked her about it, she said, “I meant everything I said. I have nothing to apologize for.”

“We are in a very child-like role where we ask permission and she [Caddigan] either grants or denies... They play into the facade that they are funding everything and we should play nicey-nice and ask our momma what we can have and hope she tells us yes.” She clarified that “momma” meant “Our mother, Maureen Caddigan.”

One council member suggested they take this up at Dumfries’s quarterly meeting with Caddigan. Forrester responded, “Let me give you a quick recap of quarterly meetings. The mayor asks for some service for the town. Maureen Caddigan says no. The mayor asks for a service for the town. [County Executive] Melissa Peacor says no. That’s about how the whole four hours go.”

Three Dumfries council members, including the mayor and vice-mayor, promptly issued apologies to Caddigan, InsideNova’s Aileen Streng reported. But not Forrester. And over at the Black Velvet Bruce Li blog, Greg Letiecq cheered on Forrester, in a post called “Kristin versus the Wimps,” and called her “one member of the council who seems to actually understand what the role of an elected official is — to fight for the interests of their constituents first.”

There’s also a “Draft Kristin Forrester for Congress” Facebook page.