Because we’re all suckers for middle-aged white guys doing political rap songs, here’s Fairfax County’s Christopher DeCarlo, independent candidate for county board chairman, belting out (and “dancing” to) his first composition, “True Democracy”:

DeCarlo, 53, is running a considerably lower profile campaign than incumbent Democrat Sharon Bulova or Republican nominee Spike Williams, but he is on the Nov. 8 ballot, and he does have a Web site here. He owns Fairfax Propane near Fairfax Circle, which sells propane and propane accessories, and Easy Stone Center in Vienna, is married with five young children and is so disgusted with the political process that “I am running for office every time.” He ran for Congress last year and Fairfax board chair in 2009.

He is a newcomer to music, however, but wanted to keep his kids interested in something other than video games so he got them instruments, lessons and then took a songwriting class with them last summer through the county parks and rec. When looking at his campaign announcement recently, DeCarlo said he realized it had the cadence of a rap song, and so he got with the flow and here came “True Democracy.” His daughter’s guitar teacher, Eric Weinberg, provided the music, and Ed Reinfel did the shooting and editing. He said it was posted Saturday and was first reported by the Huntington-Bellehaven Patch.

Though the chairman of the Fairfax board will not actually work in the U.S. Capitol, DeCarlo said the D.C. backdrop was symbolic of democracy and government in general. Plus, he can use it again for future campaigns.