Northern Virginia is an active hub for UFO trackers. The national MUFON convention was in Crystal City a few years back, and regular meetings are held in Fairfax, this one led by state director Susan Swiatek. (Dayna Smith/for The Washington Post)

The anonymous UFO witness, who also shot some bad, expletive-filled video, reported that the UFO “had a slightly erratic flight path, unlike that of a planet or star. It is also oval shaped and bears a shadow on its bottom.” The witness discounted the possibility of stars, planets or the International Space Station, and a MUFON investigator is on the case, Marsh reported. There was no indication of any probes by the visitors.

MUFON’s website is a joy. “Did the aliens warn Neil Armstrong off the Moon?” blares one headline from the MUFON archives. [The Post spent some time with MUFONians in 2007, but that does not appear to be in the archives.] There is a MUFON podcast on iTunes. There are reports of UFOs in other countries, responding to so-called “skeptics” who have sometimes asked why only the U.S. gets these visits. There is a MUFON Field Investigator’s Manual (Fifth Edition), which covers everything from witness reports to claims of abduction. And in the MUFON Case Management System, the last 20 sighting reports came in within the past two days, including two in Virginia. So be ready. And watch out for the probes.

In Blane, Mo., residents feel their UFO experiences have been unfairly overlooked, according to the film “Waiting for Guffman.”

H/T: Corky St. Clair