UPDATE, Dec. 9: The Fairfax County Democratic Committee is calling for John Frey to resign, after he told me on Wednesday he planned to maintain his circuit court clerk’s job while running for attorney general. Anita Kumar has the full scoop here.

ORIGINAL POST: With the next statewide election a scant two years away, Northern Virginians have been at the forefront of new candidacy announcements: Centreville’s Ken Cuccinelli is running for governor, Prince William County’s Corey Stewart is running for lieutenant governor, and today a bigger surprise: Fairfax County Circuit Court Clerk John Frey announced he will run for attorney general.

Frey, a Republican, said he told the circuit judges Tuesday afternoon, and his staff Wednesday morning. Soon after that, it was leaked to omnipresent blogger Ben Tribbett, who broke it on the notorious Not Larry Sabato blog.

Frey has been Fairfax clerk since 1992, and is not stepping down from his post, where his term lasts until 2015. He told me he was running because, “I think we need a different perspective from the other candidates,” meaning state Sen. Mark Obenshain and state Del. Rob Bell, also Republicans.

“Down in Richmond, they’re making the laws, but they don’t always know the ramifications. In my office, we’re dealing with people having to deal with government on a personal level.”

Frey said he had to get moving 23 months before the election because Cuccinelli’s announcement triggered the other announcements. He said he may not have the statewide recognition of Obenshain and Bell yet, but believes he’ll have plenty of time to work on that.