Del. Dave Albo (R-Fairfax) says he is considering leaving “the comedy to the professionals.” (Bob Brown/AP)

So I asked Albo what exactly he was thinking when he went public with such, uh, information. Here’s what he said:

“My speech was not during normal business of the House.  It was during the ‘Morning Hour,’ which is an informal time prior to discussing and voting on bills.  During the ‘Morning Hour,’ delegates announce meetings, welcome people to the House such as the local Garden Club or home town visitors, tell stories, or comment on current events.”

“The speech was poking fun at me and a humorous look at our lives as delegates. We get caught up in the rhetoric down here in Richmond, and when we go home, our families and friends remind us what ‘normal’ people think.  It seemed to ‘hit a chord’ with the members because both Republicans and Democrats stood and clapped.  They knew exactly what it’s like to go home and have your spouse give you his/her opinion of what really matters. ... Maybe I should ‘leave the comedy to the professionals.’ ”

I then asked why he didn’t say the word “transvaginal,” which many comedians have had a field day with. Albo said:

“The full word was used over and over and over during the debates on the actual bill, and before it when the Democrats were making their speeches. I just don’t think you have to use the word. I prefer ‘internal ultrasound.’ But Englin, on his MSNBC show, used the entire word numerous times. I just did not want to directly quote him.”