Jay Converse, 55, plays the tuba while walking along Braddock Road in Fairfax. He can walk and play the tuba for six miles and barely break a sweat. He changes the theme of his attire and tuba decorations for different holidays. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

The Tuba Guy is Jay Converse, a founding member of the infamous University of Virginia Pep Band, and he marches around the Fairfax area playing the tuba, with the air blasts spinning a pink propeller. He’s 55, married with three kids, a computer whiz — a classic Northern Virginian, right?

He does a little “Sound of Music,” a little “Yellow Submarine,” even a very little “Free Bird.” He’s not a protester, like some other folks who wander our realm in unusual ways. He’s just hyper, and is apparently a very funny guy. Read more about him in Freddy’s fine piece here.