Even the folks at Occupy DC, in McPherson Square in Washington, are recycling. No statistics available, though. (KAREN BLEIER/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

The whole state is doing pretty well, according to the Department of Environmental Quality, with an overall recycling rate of 40.5 percent. In the last two years, all 71 localities involved in the program met their goals of at least 15 percent recycling.

And Falls Church is the best. In 2010, of 13.8 tons of waste, more than eight tons were recycled, the DEQ report states.

“We’re a bit unique as a community,” Falls Church environmental programs specialist Kathy Allan said, “because we’re small. We’re 2.2 square miles and we collect from 3,100 households. But we have a very involved citizenry, and we try very hard to get the right message out. I think people here really get it, and they feel good about contributing to the overall health of their environment.”

Other NoVa recycling rates from 2010:

Alexandria: 41.4 percent

Arlington: 39.7 percent

Fairfax County:41.7 percent

Loudoun: 33.2 percent

Prince William: 37.1 percent.

You can read the entire DEQ report here, which includes more statistics for smaller area jurisdictions such as Manassas, Vienna and Fairfax City, all of whom also performed admirably.