And Falls Church has some of the best Vietnamese restaurants around.

Falls Church knocked off Loudoun County, which drops to number two on the list. Fairfax County is third, Howard County, Md., is fifth, and Fairfax City, also not a county, is 10th. Montgomery County dropped off the list.

Falls Church has a population of 12,330, but Forbes calculates it has a median household income of $113,313. Forbes does not explain why it included cities in its list of wealthiest counties, but we’ll take it.

After the jump, the full list.

Forbes Top 10 Wealthiest Counties, 2011 Version

1. Falls Church City, Va. — $113,313

2. Loudoun County, Va. — $112,021

3. Fairfax County, Va. — $104,259

4. Hunterdon County, N.J. — $102,500

5. Howard County, Md. — $101,003

6. Los Alamos County, N.M. — $100,423

7. Douglas County, Colo. — $99,522

8. Morris County, N.J. — $96,316

9. Somerset County, N.J. -- $96,233

10. Fairfax City, Va. — $96,232

Here’s the article. Even Falls Church Mayor Nader Baroukh couldn’t seem to figure out why the city’s in there. But he’ll take it.

UPDATE: The Post’s Carol Morello and Dan Keating took a look at these numbers when they first came out, and declared: “Washington area is wealthiest and most educated region in the nation, census data show