Welcome to the race @Hank4Senate, here’s a pic of @georgeallenva with our campaign’s cat coalition co-chair Cisco. twitter.com/AllenVA_Press/…

— George Allen | Press (@AllenVA_Press) February 28, 2012

He’s independent, he’s never run for public office, and he bathes by licking himself.

By now you may have heard of Hank the Cat from Springfield, candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia, as launched earlier this month by his campaign manager, Matthew O’Leary. And since it seems like George Allen and Tim Kaine have been running for several years, a fresh set of whiskers is attracting the media’s attention.

Hank the Cat from Springfield is ready for the U.S. Senate. What’s a cat gotta do to get a litter box up in this cloak roam? (Hank for Senate)

Fox 5’s Beth Parker appears to have gotten the exclusive first interview with Hank, who has a web page, a Facebook page, and a video just crammed with every meaningless political cliche you can fit into 30 seconds. You can see Beth’s piece below. She said Hank is nine years old, which makes him about 52 in human years if he’s an indoor cat, or almost 80 if he’s an outdoor cat, according to Catster.com. Judging from Hank’s girth, I’d say he’s an indoor cat. He’s a rescue cat, so he must have a compelling back story.

“Enthusiastic and energetic enough to chase the bouncy ball,” Hank’s site states, “he has the wisdom to understand that it is almost impossible to catch.”

Here is Beth Parker’s up close and personal profile of Hank.