Frank Muraca, a sophomore at George Mason University, has launched Fairfaxpedia, an online collaborative encyclopedia which could someday be a useful reference tool. (Tom Jackman/The Washington Post)

So along comes Frank Muraca, a George Mason University sophomore economics major from Charlottesville, who saw a need. And so he created Fairfaxpedia.

“Fairfaxpedia is Wikipedia for Fairfax,” Muraca said. Its mission is ”to create a better understanding of community affairs for the citizens of Fairfax, to help residents make informed decisions, and inspire civic engagement.”

(Frank Muraca/Fairfaxpedia)

Muraca got the idea when he interned for Charlottesville Tomorrow, an online news organization which focuses on land use, community design and transportation issues. He said the group started a wiki called Cvillepedia, intended to provide comprehensive, unbiased information about the community and its issues.

So beyond Fairfaxpedia, Muraca would like to launch a Fairfax Tomorrow site. He found that there isn’t much reporting on land use and development issues beyond the big ticket items like Tysons Corner and the Silver Line, and would want to track the developers and developments that operate below the public and media radar. That is not up and operating yet, but with the wealth of information now available online about real estate projects in Fairfax, this could also be a handy resource for tracking trends and projects in our neighborhoods.

Fairfaxpedia is already off the ground, and needs your help. We’ll see if Fairfax Tomorrow becomes a reality down the road.