One of Fairfax County’s main men in Congress, Rep. Gerry Connolly, is also a devoted Harry Potter fan from way back, Roll Call revealed Thursday. Connolly told Alexandra Jaffe that he taught his daughter to read with the early volumes, and that he has a long-standing tradition before the midnight movie releases of having parties where his daughter and friends would come over and play homemade Potter trivia.

Gerry Connolly and his wife Cathy in October. (Tracy A Woodward/WASHINGTON POST)

So, Death Eaters are bad?

After the frenzy of midnight Potter-watching last night, I asked for the congressman’s review of the final installment. But spokesman George Burke said Connolly didn’t go because his daughter was out of town, and he wanted to wait and see it with her. Plus, this whole debt ceiling-world financial implosion thing was happening in Congress, so he was glad not to be out until 3 a.m., Burke said.