Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. “Just be careful during that whole ‘Peace be with you’ part.” (BOB BROWN/AP)

“Can I take my gun to church?”

Cuccinelli issued an opinion Monday saying yes you can, in response to three legislative inquiries, his press office said. There is a Virginia law prohibiting guns in churches “without good and sufficient reason.” The attorney general opined that, the Second Amendment being in full force, “carrying a weapon for personal protection constitutes a good and sufficient reason under the statute to carry a weapon into a place of worship.” The opinion is not binding legal precedent, but in criminal law it can be used to preclude prosecution.

But why, exactly, did three legislators need to know this? And just how dangerous are their churches, anyway?

[One knowledgable reader suggests that legislators sometimes collaborate with the AG in order to create some legal authority on an issue before a court can weigh in.]

The Post’s Roz Helderman has more, and you can read the actual opinion here.

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