So it was big news this week when six seniors at Herndon High School spread some baby oil in the hallways as a prank. One was suspended and banned from graduation.

You call that a prank? Check this out:

In 1977, senior pranksters placed a Volkswagen on the roof of Herndon High School and brought a pig to school. The Volkswagen landed on the front page of that day's Washington Star. (The Stinger/Herndon High School newspaper)

Yes, that is a Volkswagen bug on the roof of Herndon High School. Smartly decorated with “’77”s, approximately three stories off the ground. Word of this May 1977 prank spread so quickly that The Washington Star sent ace photographer Bernie Boston out to the suburban hinterlands, he snapped the shot and got it back downtown in time for it to lead the front page of that afternoon’s editions.

And yes, someone also brought a pig to school and released it in the main hallway. It was a more rural time in Herndon back then. I believe that is Donnie Cayo taking it under control. We did not hear of anyone getting caught or suspended or outed in The Washington Post for hoisting that VW onto the roof of the school under cover of darkness. So on the 35th anniversary of this remarkable feat, we note with crotchety old man spirit that senior pranks just ain’t what they used to be (read in old man voice).