Eddie Murphy arrives at the Kennedy Center. (Matt McClain/Post)

Eddie Murphy, king of comedy

Murphy didn’t tell a joke for almost three decades — until he came to the Kennedy Center to receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

Vester L. Flanagan, 41, a former employee of the Roanoke station, is believed to have posted videos online showing him shooting the crew.

A Duke freshman thinks ‘Fun Home’ is immoral. He won’t read assignment.

A Duke freshman thinks ‘Fun Home’ is  immoral. He won’t read assignment.

POSTEVERYTHING | He says his beliefs extend to pop culture and artwork depicting sex acts.


For the NRA, ‘freedom’ means being heavily armed and scared to death

The answer to the problem of gun violence cannot just be “more guns."

Billy Graham, ‘America’s pastor’?

He became known as an apolitical preacher. But Graham started out as an ardent conservative.

We expect Trump to be awful to women. It’s part of his brand.

Why no one is surprised by any of the Stormy Daniels news

Jamaicans are bobsledding again. Stop quoting that offensive movie.

'Cool Runnings' traffics in racist tropes.

I survived a mass shooting. My life was never the same afterward.

I know what's ahead for the survivors of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting.

Baltimore’s police problems go beyond just a few criminals in uniform

Bad leadership has consequences.

Republicans aren’t hypocrites. They just have flawed principles.

Here's what conservative critics get wrong about the budget deal.

I’m an Iraq War veteran. The military doesn’t want or need Trump’s parade.

Marching in formation is useful in basic training, not on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.

I thought gay rights were safe. Now I know I was wrong.

According to one survey, Americans are now less comfortable around LGBTQ people than they were the year before. And it's not just a Trump thing.


Guns seized from three Metro fare evaders, police say

DR. GRIDLOCK | One of the suspects threw a gun over a wall at Gallery Place Metro station, police said.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell signs contract extension worth as much as $40M annually

The deal runs through 2024 with close to 90 percent of his salary tied to incentives. It is not clear whether it will be opposed by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who at one point threatened a legal challenge to an extension.


How two men turned a Google search and $100 into a hit podcast and a TV deal

Podcasts have been around for years, but have seen a rebirth in the past few years.


Poll finds public optimistic about the economy, critical of Trump, split on issues

A one-year report card shows judgments of the president are disconnected from views about the economy.