Roland T. Smith II, 32, of Spotsylvania, charged with stabbing his girlfriend on May 11, 2012. (Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office)

What Roland T. Smith II allegedly did to his girlfriend in a Spotsylvania County motel room is not funny. Stabbing someone is a serious crime, and it’s being treated as such. But this mug shot is out of the ordinary.

You see this mug shot and the questions just start flowing in your brain. Why Latin? Who will understand the Latin? If you think, wherefore do you stab?

Smith, 32, is from Spotsylvania, that “Rest of Virginia” land [“RoVa”] outside the State of NoVa, where perhaps some folks are dedicated to keeping Latin alive. Unfortunately, Smith was not dedicated to keeping other people healthy, according to the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office. Smith was at the Econolodge Hotel on Route 1 in Spotsylvania one recent Friday night with a young woman, not his girlfriend. His girlfriend arrived, according to Spotsylvania Capt. Mike Harvey, and amidst the ensuing discourse about fidelity and truth, the girlfriend was stabbed in the stomach.

A hotel security guard was on scene in moments and was able to point out a suspect to responding county deputies, Harvey said. Smith was charged with aggravated malicious wounding and held with no bond. Harvey said the victim, 36, did not suffer life-threatening injuries but the knife wound lacerated her liver.

The time in confinement should provide Smith with the perfect opportunity to augment his literary noggin (or consider a visit to the business in the blog post below this one). He’s already got the famed ”Cogito ergo sum” [“I think therefore I am”] and “Alis grave nil” [“Nothing is heavy to those who have wings”]. He’s also got “Articulate,” which you can just hear some Latin teacher bellowing in class, and he has two tattooed tear drops, which either means he has lost loved ones or killed two people.

What belongs on the top and back of his cranial canvas? “Sic semper moronis”? “Semper dumb”? Leave your suggestions in the comments. Keep it clean. Translations welcome.