The Wat Yarnna Rangsee Buddhist temple in Sterling. (Beverly Denny/Loudoun Times-Mirror)

Udom said he likes Loudoun County “for Thai people and all nations to come as we are close to Dulles Airport.” (Even for Buddhist monks, access to a nearby airport is key.) The monastery has been in Sterling since the 1996, but the temple was only built in 2009, with donations from Buddhist devotees, Motheral reports.

The place looks serene, and with the construction of the new temple, or ”wat,” its following of about 2,000 is growing. The rest of the story is here.

Phramaha Chaiwat picks up lotus seeds to show that they are edible at the lotus pond behind the Wat Yarnna Rangsee Temple in Sterling. The lotus flower symbolizes purity and the Buddhist way of life. (Beverly Denny/Loudoun Times-Mirror)