Brian Kelley, a Vienna resident and former CIA senior counterintelligence case officer, poses on the bridge in Foxstone Park where convicted spy Robert Hanssen passed classified documents to Russian operatives. For nearly four years, Kelley was investigated by the FBI for espionage that later was tied to Hanssen. (Shamus Ian Fatzinger/Fairfax County Times)

UPDATE, Apr. 19: The house where former FBI Agent Robert Hanssen launched his insidious espionage against the U.S., on Talisman Drive, is for sale. Just $725,000 gets you five bedrooms, three full baths and a dark piece of American history. The listing’s here.

ORIGINAL ITEM: Who can forget Robert Hanssen, that creepy FBI agent who lived in Vienna with his wife and six kids, who also spent a lot of his time spying for the Soviet Union? And spent his spy money on a stripper? He got caught in 2001, after he went to make a drop in Foxstone Park, that little finger of a park in Vienna not far from Hanssen’s neighborhood off Beulah Road.

Well it turns out that Hanssen had a neighbor who was a CIA agent. And for several years, until they finally figured out it was Hanssen, the neighbor was the chief suspect, and lived a hellish life under federal scrutiny. His name was Brian Kelley, and the Fairfax County Times has his genuinely fascinating story.

Jack Zolldan, 7, and Will Heppner, 7, search for clues under another bridge in Foxstone Park. (Larry Morris TWP)