Ken Beatrice doing his last show on sports talk radio, April 2000. “And yawh next, yello?” (James M. Thresher/The Washington Post)

And then, at age 56, with no ratings problems or controversies looming, he hung it up in April 2000. “It was just time,” he told The Post’s Leonard Shapiro. “It just felt right. There are some things I want to do that have nothing to do with the media, just totally different things. Now, I’ll just go do them.”

And he was gone.

Turns out he has settled in Haymarket in Prince William County, and by “totally different things” he meant reading the Bible in various Catholic churches as a lector during Sunday Mass, according to Gretchen Crowe’s fine story in Catholic He is a parishioner at St. Katharine Drexel Mission in Bull Run, but lectors at St. John the Evangelist Church in Warrenton, also appears in Gainesville, Middleburg and in the District and Baltimore. He also trains other lectors.

As a teacher, Crowe writes, Beatrice covers issues like microphone placement to reach all areas of the church. “You gotta turn your shoulders,” Beatrice said. “That I got from doing... [the talk show] from restaurants where there’s chaos and babies crying and people dropping glasses. You have to stay on mic.”