Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says it’s become too expensive to extend rail service to Dulles, and if anyone tries to require union labor, he will fight that. (Steve Helber - AP)

Some might say: He’s the attorney general of Virginia, the top lawyer in the Commonwealth, and maybe he shouldn’t be offering his views so freely. Well those people aren’t rising stars in the Republican party. And in a two-hour guest spot on WMAL Radio on Friday, Cuccinelli said “I hope they don’t do Phase Two,” meaning the Metro rail phase from Reston to Dulles to Ashburn.

Cuccinelli called the project an “economic boondoggle” and that “the cost-benefit just is not there.” He said the issue would be a central feature of the Loudoun board of supervisor elections this year, and that ”I hope [voters] elect an entire board who’s committed to pulling out of Phase Two to kill it.”

Cuccinelli also said he was monitoring attempts by the airports authority to require union labor, and was ready to file suit if a “project labor agreement” were put in place, contrary to Virginia’s right-to-work laws.

The audio highlights of Cuccinelli’s WMAL appearance are here.