Lester Thorton Jr. of Paeonian Springs shows the snakehead he caught while fishing Monday in the Potomac River near White’s Ferry in Maryland. (Andrew Sharbel/Loudoun Times-Mirror)

Think again, experts.

Lester Thorton Jr. of Paeonian Springs in Loudoun County was fishing near White’s Ferry on the Maryland side Monday, according to the Loudoun Times-Mirror, and snagged a two-foot-long snakehead.

Andrew Sharbel of the Times-Mirror took photos of the fish, which Thorton said he intended to eat, and showed it to fish experts, who confirmed that this is the latest bad development in the snakehead’s continuing attempt to take over the world. A Virginia biologist said it was the first report of a snakehead north of Great Falls, since its first unsettling appearance near Crofton, Md., in 2002.

“They really seem to move during high water both upstream and downstream,” Maryland Inland Fisheries Assistant Director Donald Cosden told the Times-Mirror. “We have found that these fish find their way over and through obstacles before, so this news, although disappointing, is not surprising.

“This catch opens a whole new territory for the fish,” Cosden said.

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Snakeheads had not previously ventured above Great Falls. That we knew of. (Andrew Sharbel/Loudoun Times-Mirror)