Here is a recent video of Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) standing in front of the Securities and Exchange Commission headquarters in Washington, singing a song about keeping gay people out of the Boy Scouts.

Not quite sure why some of the other “protesters” in this super funny street theater are wearing bags over their heads. They are playing “Gerry Sandusky supporters,” which is a tough call for an actor. Filmed June 27, Delgaudio’s group is ”mocking” a Boy Scouts executive who dared suggest the Scouts not discriminate against people based on who they have sex with. And last week the Boy Scouts proudly reaffirmed their stance against having gay members, so Delgaudio’s ultra-hilarious “satire” may have worked.

Delgaudio’s full-time job is agitating against gay people with his group Public Advocate of the United States. Presumably the 2,836 people who voted for him in the Sterling district in November know this. That was nearly 53 percent of the vote in a three-candidate race, and was his fourth time winning the seat. The Loudoun Times-Mirror endorsed him and said his “strong constituent service and unabashed push for additional resources have improved life in the Sterling District.”

A longer video version of the protest and Delgaudio’s explanation of it are here.