Manassas voters backed the Republican ticket for City Council and two newcomers for School Board during Tuesday’s election, according to unofficial results.

 Mayor Harry “Hal” Parrish II (R ) ran unopposed in an election that saw 13 percent of registered voters come to the polls – more than the last two election cycles in 2010 and 2008.

 Republicans swept the council ticket, with City Council member Mark D. Wolfe garnering the greatest  percentage of votes among the five candidates. Jonathan L. “Jon” Way and Ian T. Lovejoy were the other candidates backed by local Republicans and both won the remaining spots.

 Independent Jerry M. Carman received 12.7 percent of the vote and Democrat Patricia E. Richie-Folks received 11.9 percent.

Lovejoy will be the lone freshman on the council. He knocked off current City Council member Sheryl L. Bass from the ticket at the Republican convention in January.

He said in an interview that it was “undeniable” that lagging school performance and improving city schools was voters’ top issue.

 He said the results show that “citizens are looking for change … and that’s been reflected in the polls.”

 Bass had been appointed and some supporters still canvassed the city with "Sheryl Bass" pink signs, although the supporters did so without the backing of the candidate – who had promised not to campaign after seeking a spot on the Republican ticket.

 Write-ins, which would include Bass, garnered 15.9 percent of the vote.

 Voters made the biggest changes on the city School Board, giving newcomer Ilka V. Chavez the greatest percentage of the vote at 17.2 percent. She and fellow challenger Ellen M. Purdy  knocked off incumbents Kermit Holmes Dance and R.J. “Jack” McGee.

 Board chairman Scott M. Albrecht and School Board member Arthur P. “Art” Bushnell retained their spots.

 The election results still must be certified with the State Board of Elections.