Wolfe Glick of McLean as he appears in the new Pokemon video games. In real life, he does not have blue hair. Yet. (Pokemon Company International)

The real Wolfe Glick, 17, playing in the Pokemon World Championships, masters division, last August. He came in second, and earned a spot in the new video version of the game. (Pokemon Company International/PCI)

“It’s really a huge honor,” said Glick, now 17. “It’s cool to be immortalized in your favorite video game. It’s beyond cool.” Glick said he didn’t receive any money, but “I don’t really feel a need to be paid. I don’t play the game to win money.” He did not get to see the game until it was released last month, and he said the in-game human characters all look the same.

Glick is still running track, acting in school productions like “Les Miserables,” and doing the other stuff teenagers do. And he’s got a regional Pokemon tournament coming up next month as he resumes his quest for a national title. Now how would you like to play against a guy who is actually IN the game? That’s got to be a little intimidating.