Brooklyn Dodgers manager Leo Durocher, left, shakes hands with Jackie Robinson prior to Robinson joining the Dodgers. When some players resisted, Durocher reportedly said: “I do not care if the guy is yellow or black, or if he has stripes like a ******’ zebra. I’m the manager of this team, and I say he plays. What’s more, I say he can make us all rich. And if any of you cannot use the money, I will see that you are all traded.” (AP)

Leo R. “Not The Lip” Durocher, charged with murder in the 2001 slaying of Patrick Hornbaker near Purcellville. (Loudoun County Sheriff's Office)

Hornbaker was fatally shot in his home on Route 9 near Purcellville on May 21, 2001, possibly in a drug rip-off. After a drawn-out investigation, authorities in 2008 arrested Robert E. Roy and charged him with capital murder. But with Roy’s trial set for this fall, prosecutors in May reduced the charge to first-degree murder, indicating a second suspect was involved and it was unclear who pulled the trigger.

The Loudoun Times-Mirror reported recently that Durocher was arrested in May, and indicted in July for first degree murder, robbery and burglary. Durocher has no trial date set; Roy’s trial is set for Oct. 24. Leo “The Lip” Durocher, who ranks tenth all-time in managerial wins, and fourth in ejections with 95, did have some brushes with the law, but nothing like this. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1994.