When you go to a service academy, you know you’re going to be wearing the same clothes as everyone else, and playing some serious tug of war. And Northern Virginians are fine with that. (Mark Gail/WASHINGTON POST)

These fun facts and many more are included in a detailed look at what’s happening to NoVa’s high school Class of 2011 by Julia O’Donoghue in the Fairfax Connection.

So why NoVa? Is it because we have a high number of military people living here, either on the various bases or working in government? Does having a military parent automatically give an applicant an advantage? And how many of those military parents actually went to service academies themselves?

And do we really have that many military-related residents, compared with places like Hampton Roads or similar cities? Are Northern Virginians just more patriotic, per capita, than the rest of America?

Obviously, I don’t know. Do you? Tell us in the comments.