Caroline Coyer of Oakton High School and Chantilly High’s Eileen Sechler vie for the ball in a recent Chantilly win. (Joel Richardson for The Washington Post)

“They recruited us as individuals, not as a unit,” Caroline Coyer told The Post’s James Wagner. “That was one of the key parts of going there. And I don’t think that was necessarily the case with other places.”

ORIGINAL POST: Caroline and Katherine Coyer are twins who play both basketball and soccer at Oakton High School. They’ve been recruited by Division 1 colleges since middle school, and now they’ve made one choice: Take us both or don’t take us at all.

The Post’s James Wagner has the full story, and he notes it’s not an unprecedented demand: two Dunbar football players made the same request, and have signed with West Virginia. One might also note that Kansas signed the twins Marcus and Markieff Morris to play basketball, but they’re 6-9 and 6-10, so not quite so tough a call for recruiters.

Here’s video of the Fairfax twins discussing their situation: