Occoquan is urging residents to show up for a Tuesday Prince William Board of County Supervisors meeting that officials say could dramatically affect the waterfront town’s future.

James Phelps, standing in front of his house in the the town of Occoquan, fears the effects that a proposed development could have on his property and the rest of the town. (Jeremy Borden/The Washington Post)

But the water overwhelming storm drains didn’t come from the nearby Occoquan River — it came from a relatively small creek called Ballywhack, which filled an area culvert and washed out roads. So when Ken Thompson sought approval for a development called Oaks III at Tanyard Hill and Old Bridge roads — an office building and one home — just outside town, officials say they did everything they could to get him to stop or improve the project because of concerns about downhill storm drains and traffic problems on Tanyard Hill.

They even offered him a deal in which the town and county would purchase part of the land. Thompson said that the deal didn’t make economic sense and that he’s looking to get the project approved Tuesday.

Thompson also said the town’s concerns are unfounded because he’s building an advanced system to deal with the storm water that will capture more water than the trees and undeveloped ground does today. As for traffic, most vehicles will avoid Tanyard Hill Road — a main thoroughfare for the town — and head toward Old Bridge Road, which connects to Woodbridge and the rest of the area, he said.

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