UPDATE: Alexandria Patch reports Occupy Richmond marchers plan to rally in Alexandria’s Market Square Tuesday.

The newly formed Occupy NoVA group, apparently inspired by its Occupy Wall Street compatriots, who are marching from New York to D.C., plans to march from Ballston, down Clarendon Boulevard to the Key Bridge tomorrow, its Web site, blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed announced today.

The group, which has not yet occupied any location, plans to meet at Welburn Plaza at 2 p.m. Upon arrival at the bridge three hours later, it plans to meet with the Occupy D.C. group as part of a “Labor-Community-Occupy Day of Action and March ... in protest of the deterioration of our public infrastructure and public services,” its Web site announced.

Commuter traffic on the heavily-traveled corridor could be affected, Dr. Gridlock reported.

A spokesperson for Occupy NoVA could not be reached for comment. The Web site also said there’s a proposal for the Occupy Richmond group to march from Fredericksburg to Washington, arriving Nov. 22.