View Photo Gallery: Days are numbered for racetrack, once a mainstay on a burgeoning NASCAR circuit.

The old Northern Virginia ain’t what it used to be. Time was, you had all sorts of space out here to run a big old track with drag races and stock cars and demolition derbies and go-karts and all type of fun. No more.

The Post’s Jeremy Borden has a great report on the end of an era at Old Dominion Speedway in Manassas. Where once it was in the middle of nowhere, now it’s surrounded by suburbia, and the need for speed has been exceeded by the need for townhouses. It appears to be the last race track in Northern Virginia.

Friday night was drag racing night at Old Dominion, on what the speedway said was the oldest drag strip on the East Coast, and Saturdays featured short-track racing on the oval, where legends such as Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt once ran.

The owners tell Borden that they’re moving to Spotsylvania County, with hopes of building a bigger track with more modern amenities. At least until that gets all suburbanized. The rest of Borden’s story is here.

And here’s a fun package of highlights from a Saturday night of action last year, produced by T.M. Racing Videos. Like the man says, that’s great side-by-side racing there. Farewell, old Virginia.