The proposal is for a relatively small development on a relatively small piece of land in the middle of Prince William County.

But, as real estate agents say, it’s all about “location, location, location,” and if the proposal for Mid-County Park and Estate Homes moves forward, it promises to become one of the biggest land-use and political issues in recent Prince William history.

The vote of Supervisor Peter Candland (R-Gainesville) will be closely watched. The potential development of the Rural Crescent was a big issue on the campaign trail when Candland was elected last November. (Dayna Smith/For the Washington Post)

County planners and advocates want to preserve the rural beauty and encourage redevelopment elsewhere. Developers have long targeted the rural land in the fast-growing county.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Board of County Supervisors is expected to decide whether to “initiate” a change to the county’s long-term planning document for the mid-county development. The preliminary step means that county officials, along with the developer, will further examine the plan and produce studies about traffic and ecological effects, among other issues. But if supervisors elect not to initiate the study, the project will likely fizzle.

Other projects are also going to be discussed Tuesday afternoon and are receiving mixed reviews from county planners. See the full preview story here.