Paul Ebert asking a jury to impose the death sentence on John Muhammad in 2003. They did. (Laurence Jackson/AP)

It would actually be his 12th term, and he is the longest serving prosecutor in Virginia, according to this report by The Post’s Jennifer Buske. When he was first elected back in 1968, he was the commonwealth’s youngest prosecutor, and now at 73 he is the senior-most. He has not hesitated to send murderers to the death chamber over the years, most notably the rape-murderer Paul Powell and the serial killing sniper John Muhammad.

Ebert recently had his portrait hung in the courthouse, Buske also reported, and these two recent events gave us some glimpses of Ebert’s wry wit.

“I wish you would have done this when I had more hair,” Ebert said at the portrait unveiling.

“One day I may not be around. But my portrait will still be here, and people will look at it and say, ‘Who is that old bird?’ ”

On running for reelection: “I have good friends and a good staff. As long as I have a little bit of my mind left I might as well do something with it. “