Bob's Guns, a popular attraction in Norfolk, Va., has had numerous guns used in crimes traced back to it. It is close to the Scope arena, back left. Go to a game, pick up a heater. (Ricky Carioti)

“You have to wonder who will want to zip around with this on his car: ’Reston! Live Work Play.’ Be honest, is there a more soulless spot in the commonwealth than that bland ant colony near Dulles?”

Honestly? I can think of one. How about...Norfolk? For one thing, they average 37.5 homicides per year down there since 2000. That’s a lot less souls, after all the shooting stops. Reston, with a population of 58,404, is about one-fourth the size of Norfolk. It had one homicide last year, zero the year before. Norfolk had 28 last year, 34 the year before. So 62 to 1 is not really the ratio you’re looking for when you’re only four times bigger than bland Reston. At least we’re alive.

And for real insight, be sure to check out Ms. Dougherty’s blog. (She is pictured at left.) Her three most recent items began: “Well what do you know.” “Uh oh.” and, “Well, whaddya know.” That, friends, is soul.