The Reston band RDGLDGRN, pronounced "red-gold-green." With help from fellow Northern Virginian Dave Grohl, they just played two national showcases and are headed out on the Warped Tour this summer. (Republic Records)

It’s pronounced “red-gold-green,” which are the three members’stage names, and they describe their music as a cross between go-go and garage rock, though I’d say there’s plenty of hip-hop in there too. And after recording a song in “Red’s mother’s basement” in Reston, and sticking a video on YouTube, they landed a deal for a four-song EP (on Fairfax Recordings! of L.A.) and found themselves last year in the famed Sound City studio in Van Nuys. At the same time, fellow Northern Virginian Dave Grohl was making a movie about Sound City.

So Grohl agreed to sit in on one song, and then wound up playing on their whole album. Last week, they played the prestigious South by Southwest festival in Austin, followed by an appearance Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And they’re going out on the Warped Tour this summer, as well as playing the DC 101 Chili Cook-off in May on the same bill with Soundgarden. I predict that crowd is going to like RDGLDGRN a lot.

Their real names and high schools are unknown, so far. They told MTV Hive that they wear their favorite colors every day, and “want the world to exist as one giant rainbow.” They’ve also cited D.C.’s Chuck Brown and Backyard Band as influences, plus the Beatles and Outkast, and worked with another superstar Virginian, producer-rapper Pharrell Williams of Virginia Beach. A full album is due this summer. The EP (that’s Extended Play, kids) can be streamed here, and the video for “Million Fans” is below. These guys are on a path to unseat Four Out of Five Doctors as the greatest band ever to emerge from Reston. (Bigtime producer Benny Blanco is not a band. Yet.) Reston is happening.

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