Lake Anne Plaza. “Hey, what’s that fountain remind you of?” “Nothing, why?” “No reason. Let’s check out this place.”

An online site for the shop advertising weekly aphrodisiac workshops and edible panties gave the impression that this place was really going to test Reston’s liberal reputation. Cutturo said Thursday to calm down, it’s just got some nighttime clothes and nighttime accessories. “The clothing that I’m selling is lingerie, bras, teddies. That can’t be so bad for Lake Anne.”

Cutturo said she did her research on Lake Anne, talked to the appropriate authorities, got all the right paperwork, and said she wanted to help The Plaza be “more appealing to people, revitalize it a little. I would think this would be a good thing, to have a shop like this with a little more attitude.”But no sex items such as those whose names were edited out of the previous post, and nothing explicit in the front window facing the fountain.

She does want to appeal to the young mothers who “may want to put something a little bit sexy on now and then,” Cutturo said, and she does sell edible candles. Edible candles? You melt them a little, Cutturo said, drip the wax on the other person, and....EDITED.

You judge how naughty the store is. It should be open by Monday.