Mohammed Safar and his son Yousuf Bagban check out books at Reston’s Used Book Shop on Lake Anne Plaza. The shop is celebrating its 35th anniversary there on Sunday. (Mark Finkenstaedt/For The Washington Post)

If Reston were incorporated, its population of 58,000 would make it the largest town or city in Fairfax County, and second behind only Alexandria in the entire State of NoVa. But as of February, Reston will have only one bookstore when Barnes & Noble vacates its spot near the Town Center.

Fortunately, that one bookstore is Reston’s Used Book Shop on Lake Anne Plaza, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary on Sunday. This cozy place is exactly what you want in a bookstore: comfy, jam-packed yet well-organized. It’s long been a gathering place for book clubs and other groups, a great spot for kids book readings, and a place where I’ve found many gems over the years, and unloaded a few too.

Reston’s Karen Goff spoke with co-owner Susan Burwell, who bought the place with her husband Bud in 1999 from founders Sue Schram and Sue Wensell, and who informs that both Sues have their own rocking chairs in the store. In the Fairfax County Times, Gregg MacDonald speaks with Wensell, who said she brought the idea for such a store back from Colorado, and thought Lake Anne would be perfect for it.

A celebration is planned for Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. (before the Redskins game) and book purchases will be discounted by 35 percent. So go down to Lake Anne and keep books alive in Reston, whatever their age.