Drug store, check. French restaurant, check. Used book store, check. Sex shop, check. Yep, this planned community has everything. (TRACY A WOODWARD/THE WASHINGTON POST)

But now to liven things up comes Maria’s Passion Paradise. Yes, a place with weekly “aphrodisiac workshops” for couples, monthly “passion parties” and of course the usual edible panties and sex toys.

This has touched off a bit of a storm among the residents of the Plaza, who are having a community meeting tonight to discuss what they can do about this supposed intrusion of sex among the concrete play areas. Karen Goff of the Reston Patch first broke this story, touching off a hot debate in the comments section, and the ever vigilant Restonian blog posted a photo of a scantily clad mannequin in the window.

Reston has long had a reputation of being a bunch of liberal Birkenstock wearers, what with their “environmental awareness” and “locating home, work and play all in the same place” philosophies. Nutty, right? But that could translate into big business for the Passion Paradise. I have reached out to their management, haven’t heard back yet. This should be interesting.

NOTE: This post has been updated to reflect that there is a community center in the Plaza, where the old Safeway was, though the original community center next to Jasmine Cafe has been gone for many years. Thanks to reader “Tzdek2” for pointing that out. My bad. The Reston Museum is also still there, contrary to an earlier version.