The people of NoVa are clearly fed up. In the first ever State of NoVa live chat, the discussion turned quickly to secession:.

Q: We already have "West Virginia" why not also add "North Virginia" to the Union? We can get away from Richmond taking $.80 of every dollar we pay in taxes and sending it elsewhere. We could easily fund our transportation, security and education needs with the current levels of local tax revenue. It sounds rebellious...but so did 13 colonies telling the King of England to stay on his side of the Atlantic. Once you get past that it starts to make a lot of sense...I'm just sayin'...

Jackman: I was going to wait a couple of weeks before launching the campaign for secession. But with all this Civil War chatter going on today, I'm getting kinda itchy. But seriously, this matter of NoVa tax dollars going to support the rest of the state is something that more people up here need to realize. I would have thought that with the latest census, we'd grab more power in Richmond, but it looks like only +3, which ain't enough.

Here’s the full transcript, with discussions of NoVa Yankees, the Foo Fighters, and NoVa’s greatest rockers.