Last month it was the stink bugs, destroying the crops of western Loudoun County. And we thought all they did was stink.

Now Julie Carey of NBC 4 tells us that in a Fairfax County landfill near I-66, a new kind of Gulf Coast tick has turned up which can cause a type of Rocky Mountain spotted fever. And that can’t be good.

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And here is Post reporter Caitlin Gibson’s recent look at the dreaded brown marmorated stink bug, with the good news that a pesticide has recently been developed for them. But it hasn’t been approved yet. It might be approved by summer, in time for peak stink bug season.

Then there was yesterday’s story by The Post’s Lena Sun that bed bugs could transmit disease and carry a drug-resistant bacteria.

And here is a photo of a gigantic bee which trapped me inside my house yesterday. Just saying.

Really, it was extremely big. (Tom Jackman’s cell phone)